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What can I do if I can’t connect to my router?

We often encounter a sudden problem that our router can not get connected to network, or today we are surfing on Internet and get disconnected to it while we get up next day. So, what is the reason for the network problem? Is it the cause of your computer? Or is it the cause of your cable line? Or it might be the reasons of your router.

We need to learn basic router knowledge in case it’s our router’s problem.

At first, let’s take a look at what router lights mean.
Netgear router lights


PWR’s full name is Power, it is the power indicator light. When your router is powered on the Pwr indicator light will be always bright, in normal power off situation the light does not shine.


SYS’ full name is System, it is the system operating status indicator light. And it is through the light to inform your the operation of the equipment. If there are problems or while your router reboot, then the light will be shining not the same.


WLAN’s full name is Wireless Local Area Network, it means wireless network or WIFI network. WLAN on your router means the wireless light, when a wireless card or mobile phone is connected to your route, the light will begin to shine.


WAN’s full name is Wide Area Network, it means external network not belong to local area network, for example, Internet is a big WAN. When there is traffic to Internet the WAN light will shine, if the external network is cut off, the light will be extinguished, perhaps turn to be red.


LAN’s full name is Local Area Network, it means internal network, it’s a part of local network, for example, you can setup a LAN network with some computers and a router. Usually a wireless router has four LAN ports, and these four ports are not in order, you can plug in any one of them.

Let’s make a summary:

If the WAN indicator light is red or not bright, it’s a external network problem, you need to call your network provider to repair the network.

If the WAN indicator light shines normally, then you need to check from other problems. If you are using a wireless router, check whether you can connect to it with your mobile phone. If you mobile phone is connected, but your computer can’t connect to it with wired cable, you need to check your computer’s IP address first, or try another computer to test it. If both devices can’t connect to your router, try to reboot your router equipment, or re-setup it again, you will find the real problem from these methods.